Our Authors

Rachel Kallem Whitman

A collection of personal essays that reflect upon her bipolar disorder.

Caroline Topperman

99 writing prompts to inspire readers to take an in the views around them.

L.S. Albright

Like all the women in her family before her, Nora can see and talk to ghosts.

Kelly McNelis

The ultimate cookbook to help you and your family eat healthy all year long.

Jennifer Sterling

31 letters of nourishment and reflection from one strong black woman to another.

One Idea Press

Use these coloring pages to calm your mind when adulting gets the best of you.

Winnie Frolik

This novel addresses mental health, grief, and finding your way during traumatic times.

Jess Mey

 Travel along a little girl’s journey through all the “what ifs” life has to offer. 

Peachie Wimbush-Polk

Embrace Your Power & Magic: 48 Nugs from The Queen of Stones

Emily Marko

Suffer from insomnia? This book will help calm your mind in the middle of the night.

Heather K. Terry

Tools and inspiration you need to help you pursue your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Tessa Zimmerman

1 in 2 students in the U.S. experience anxiety. This book is one girls story.


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