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One Idea Press is a women-owned independent press. We are committed to working with a diverse range of authors whose stories and ideas may often get overlooked by traditional publishers.


We are currently closed to submissions.



We believe that one idea can transform you, your community, and the world.

We believe that one idea is just the start.


It’s the birthplace and culmination of all the ideas that came before it.


Some ideas take off, some ideas fizzle out, and some ideas led to the moment you are at now.


It’s that one idea that lights a fire under you to complete your project.


It’s that one idea that woke you up out of a dead sleep.


It’s that one idea that makes you say, “This is trash” a million times before you eventually start to like it.


One idea is just the beginning. 


But one idea is what it takes.

One idea is where the journey begins.

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