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The Astro Love Letter Collection
by Heidi Rose Robbins

These 12 little books are love letters for each zodiacal sign. They are written to remind us of our many gifts. Each page is a loving mirror, waking us up to who we truly are. 

Think of these books as little treasure chests containing the golden coins of each of us. We can purchase a book for our Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, or purchase the entire set.

We can open these books when we wish to remember our beauty, worth, or our great potential. We will not only learn astrology, we will learn about our soulful selves and how to grow into the best version of each astrological sign.


The Hardcover Edition

The hardcover edition is available only through One Idea Press. These make the perfect bedside companion or gift to a loved one.

The Paperback Edition

The paperback edition is available at, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and wherever books are sold. 

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Astrology Love Letter Greeting Cards

A stationery set featuring all 12 astrological signs. Send a loved one a special card featuring their sign.

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