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One Idea Press is an independent publisher that specializes in books, card decks, and stationery.

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Card Decks

Decks with


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Paper products with a purpose.



Words with a wide range.

In My DNA by Lindsey Wade

"A page-turner from start to finish.”

 -Linda Byron

Emmy Winning Investigative Reporter

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The Get It Done Collection

The Get It Done Collection was created by Alexandra Franzen and Lindsey Smith, co-founders of Get It Done. The collections includes notebooks, postcards, pen sets, and more!

The Unjournal

It’s time to unwrite the rules of journaling. 

This is the journal for people who don’t do the whole journaling thing.


The Astro Love Letter Collection

As love letters for your zodiacal sign, each will remind you of your many gifts. Learn about your soulful self and how to grow into the best version of each astrological sign.

Embrace Your POWER & MAGIC

These nugs of wisdom will inspire you to quit playing with your life and start living like the powerfully magical being that you are.

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The Tiny Bit Better Deck

If you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, loss, heartbreak, low self-esteem, fatigue, exhaustion, overwhelm, stress, or just not feeling good for any reason, this deck is for you.

Pup Talks

Dog translations made for humans.

52 encouraging messages for your ruff days.

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