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The Tiny Bit Better Deck
by Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen is a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur based in Hawaii. 


Her sixth book is The Checklist Book: Set Realistic Goals, Celebrate Tiny Wins, Reduce Stress and Overwhelm, and Feel Calmer Every Day.

She writes about a wide range of topics: life, love, death, grief, unplugging from technology, creativity, focus, productivity, simplicity, time–and how we spend it.

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The Tiny Bit Better Deck

The Tiny Bit Better Deck contains 52 cards.


Each card contains one gentle suggestion for you—one tiny thing you could do, today, to make your life feel a tiny bit better.


If you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, loss, heartbreak, low self-esteem, fatigue, exhaustion, overwhelm, stress, or just not feeling good for any reason, this deck is for you.


Inside this deck, you will not find suggestions like, “have a dance party in your living room!” because, let’s be real, when you’re feeling completely awful, a jubilant dance party is just not going to happen.


You will find suggestions like: open a window to let some fresh air into the room; brush your teeth; clean your phone to get rid of smudgy fingerprints; make yourself a warm, comforting beverage; and other small, realistic steps you can probably convince yourself to do.  (These tiny steps really do make a difference.)

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