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The Tiny Bit Better Deck by Alexandra Franzen


52 cards. 

Each card contains 1 small thing you can do to feel a tiny bit better.

Ideal for times when you're depressed, anxious, heartbroken, 

grieving, exhausted, or just "not feeling great" for any reason. 

Tiny steps make a big difference.


Bonus: The deck is also a puzzle. Place all the cards face down 

and arrange to reveal a beautiful piece of art. See the bigger picture.

The Tiny Bit Better Deck

SKU: 000144
$40.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • All sales are final. We will happily send a replacement if the item has been damanged during the shipping process. To be eligible, please email with a photo of the damaged merchandise and your receipt number within 14 days after receiving. 

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