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The Distraction-Free First Draft by Woz Delgado Flint


About the Book

You want to write. You plan to write. Once you finally begin, you find yourself writing and rewriting the same paragraph for hours, days, months. With the blinking cursor on the digital screen, it's so easy to let perfectionism take hold again and again. 


And then a typewriter, a tool any writer can easily find — online, in your favorite thrift store, in your Great-aunt Lola’s cluttered and drafty but treasure-packed attic — enters your life. You can no longer instantly backspace and delete. At first this feels foreign, but then you feel free.


You’re no longer crippled by perfectionism. You no longer plan to write. You actually write.


And you write joyfully. To the delightful soundtrack of clicks, clacks, and end-of-line dopamine bell-ringing dings.


In The Distraction-Free First Draft, Woz Delgado Flint shares her contagious enthusiasm for the power of the typewriter, introduces you to the different types of machines, shares how to find and lovingly restore the best typewriter for you, and offers tips for getting your first draft done.


Along the way, you’ll meet writers who type and aficionados and experts who generously answer commonly asked questions and reveal their go-to typewriting tips.


If a modern-day laptop — no matter how fancy and expensive — just isn't cutting it, it’s time to unplug, forget perfectionism, and write more than ever...on a typewriter.

Advanced Praise

"Woz Delgado Flint takes us back to a nearly forgotten classic tool as a way to move our stories forward."

Grant Faulkner
Executive Direction of National Novel Writing Month

"Woz Delgado Flint gives you entertaining and enthusiastic advice on making a typewriter part of your life."

Richard Polt
Author of The Typewriter Revolution

"Wonder is many times found in the simplest, often overlooked places. You'll find a joyful dose of it in this book." 

Andrea Scher
Author of Wonder Seeker

"Thanks to this delightful, practical, and inviting guide, I have dusted off my long-neglected pink typewriter. First drafts await!"

Jena Schwartz
Writing coach and author of Why I Was Late for Our Meeting

A Tiny Book Series

This book is part of A Tiny Book Series exclusively with One Idea Press and select independent bookstores. It will not be made available for purchase from major retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, etc.). This is an intentional choice in support of authors, independent publishers, and small presses.  #supportindiebooks


Tiny Books come in all sizes, shapes, and topics—all can, typically, be read in one cozy reading session.

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