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Pup Talks

Having a ruff day? Pull a card. Read the message. Feel better. 


Pup Talks includes 52 encouraging pep talks from dogs. 


It's the perfect deck for those days when you feel stressed, tired, discouraged, or just need a hug.


Each card contains "dog language" with an "English translation'" for humans.


If dogs could talk, what would they say?


Find out with Pup Talks


This deck will brighten your day, make you smile, and remind you that you are strong, smart, kind, and doing a great job. 


Want even MORE Pup Talks? Call the Pup Talks hotline at (252) PUP-TALK to hear a paw-sitive, uplifting message from a dog. 


A portion of profits from Pup Talks goes to support animal welfare and rescue organizations. Woof.

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