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In a year marked with grief, uncertainty and a global pandemic, Diane DiCola found comfort and solace in the offerings of an online astrology class. The poetry not only registered a once lost passion for astrology, but reawakened the sleeping poet within.


Written in the Stars offers readers a magic carpet ride beneath a star-painted sky, a momentary escape to ethereal realms where earthly wishes find idyllic outcomes. Exploring themes of new beginnings, growth, gratitude and trust, this book invites readers to pause and reflect on the deeper meaning of their own lives and assures us all that hope springs eternal.


Part poetry collection, part art book, Written in the Stars is a constellation of poems created between October 2020 and September 2021. Some poems have photographic illustrations showing the texts written with Magnetic Poetry® tiles displayed on various props such as cast iron skillets and potato chip tin lids.


Through poetic portraits of the Sun, Moon and planets. Written in the Stars reminds readers that in spite of our earthly sufferings, we are made of stardust too. One needs only gaze skyward to remember we belong to the Universe. And you are never alone.

written in the stars by Diane DiCola

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