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Ultimate Slime: 100 New Recipes and Projects for Oddly Satisfying, Borax-Free Slime -- DIY Cloud Slime, Kawaii Slime, Hybrid Slimes, a (Extreme)


Take your slime to the next level! In Ultimate Slime Extreme Edition, you'll find 100+ new, awesome, borax-free slime recipes and projects from slime master Alyssa J of @CraftySlimeCreator!

  • Slime Start-Up: Begin with essential ingredients and basic recipes, plus new ways to make slime, slime safety, and troubleshooting tips.
  • Amazing Mix-ins: Add color and character to your slime with fun, all-new ingredients.
  • DIY Ingredients: Create one-of-a-kind slimes with your own special add-ins.
  • All-New Recipes: Find advanced recipes like the astounding Color-Changing Slime, supercute Kawaii Slime, and crispy-crunchy Pom-Pom Slime, and get guidance on how to make epic clay and fake snow slimes like Bread Slime, Cloud Creme, and Icee Slime, and more!
  • Hybrid Slimes: Create amazing mashups with surprising, oddly satisfying textures.
  • Slime Play: Discover cool new ways to play with your slime, including how to make squishies and sculptures!

Make the coolest slime ever with Ultimate Slime Extreme Edition!


Pages 112

8.4 X 10.9 X 0.3 inches | 1.06 pounds



Ultimate Slime: 100 New Recipes and Projects

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