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The journal for people who don’t do the whole journaling thing.


Journaling can be a wonderful journey of self-discovery. It can also feel like a real chore. But who says journaling needs to involve long, handwritten entries? Or that you have to do it every single day? Maybe you don’t have time for daily writing sessions—or writing isn’t the easiest way to express yourself. Perhaps you’ve tried journaling in the past but it never seemed to stick.


It’s time to unwrite the rules of journaling.


The Unjournal is a way to:


  • Clear your mental clutter
  • Find insights and clarity when you feel stuck
  • Record an important part of your life
  • Express private thoughts and feelings
  • Let your creativity flow


The Unjournal is full of creative prompts you can do when inspiration strikes. Write or draw on these pages or use the prompts your own way—make a voice recording of your answers, take a photo or selfie video, or whisper your profound new insights to your cat.


You don’t need to start at the beginning or resolve to do it every day. Get all the benefits of journaling—and do it YOUR way. Experiment, play, and be messy. This is just for you.

The Unjournal

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