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Please note: This is a pre-order campaign. All decks will ship in June 2024.


This affirmation card deck was created to support you on your lifetime journey of mental health, wellness, and healing. As you continue to prioritize your own self-care practices, these messages can serve as inspiration and motivation. You can reflect on one a day, per week, or all of them throughout different points during the year. When you're in need of a restorative mindful moment, the reflections will be available. Stay well!


Produced, Printed, and Manufactured in the USA.



Julius is a mental health enthusiast, entrepreneur, and executive. He's a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Private Practice Therapist. He received his Masters degree in Social Work, a graduate-level Certificate in Human Services Management, and an undergraduate degree in Communication. Mr. Boatwright has been recognized by Mental Health America, the NAACP, and Black Enterprise. Julius was also featured on media platforms such as Forbes, TEDx, and NBC. Above all, he wants you to know that you're loved, valued, and appreciated.

The Self-Care Deck by Julius Boatwright

Expected to ship out in June 2024.
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