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When your best friend shows you the two-word text her partner of five years sent to end the relationship. (Uhh...)


When the next-door neighbor you've exchanged a grand total of 78 words with tells you about their newly diagnosed water allergy. (Umm...)


When your brother drags out his mildewed soapbox and starts bloviating about why QAnon is entirely factual. (Err...)


What the hell do you say?! And, more importantly, how do you say it without sounding like an insensitive, ignorant arsehole?


Life is a shit show crammed with moments when you'll be grasping for the right words. Words that are thoughtful and helpful - not hurtful, tinged with judgement, or downright bullshit. This book is for those moments.


Say Anything is a refreshing, realistic, and hilarious guide on what to say - and how to say it - in hairy spots, pregnant pauses, and triggering situations. It will help you say the right thing (and prevent you from saying the wrong thing), teach you to slow the fuck down and have a rational thought or two before you blurt out something you'll regret, recognize when it's much wiser to keep your damn mouth shut, and maybe, hopefully inspire you to be a kinder person.


Your words won't always be perfect or quote-worthy. But they'll always be powerful. This book will help you use them as a force for good, save you from looking like an ungodly brute, and possibly eternally endear you to all humankind (and koala bears and quokkas if you're lucky).


206 pgs


Say Anything by Fiona Jefferies Paperback

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