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Too much time feeling obsessed with food and unable to find peace and freedom around food, much less your body? Worried that you'll pass on your quirky food habits and food and body shame to your growing child? This book is for you. 


Raising Anti-Diet Kids is your guide to understanding why negative habits begin around food, how to change your behaviors, the best way to talk with your kids about meals, snacks, sugar, their body and so much more. You'll finally be able to feel like you and your child can relax around food and appreciate your bodies.


Inside this book, you'll learn why diets don't work, how to ditch diets for good, how to navigate our diet-obsessed world, how to avoid common parenting pitfalls when it comes to talking with kids about food and body, how to be a proactive parent in the face of diet culture, and the best ways to reconnect with and care for your body and mind. 


It's never too late to stop spending time, energy, money, and resources on dieting. You can repair your own relationship with food and your body and teach your child to do the same. I promise you are not broken and don't need more willpower or control. Your best life really does begin when dieting ends. It's time to give yourself and your child this invaluable gift.

Raising Anti-Diet Kids by Andrea Dow

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