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Publishing Your First (or Second) Book: A Field Guide by Lindsey Smith


You wrote a book. Or maybe you’re just getting started on the book-writing journey.


You may be wondering, “Should I try to get a book deal with a Top 5 publisher? Or should I go the self-publishing route?” 


If you’re a first-time author, or don’t have much experience in the publishing industry, this can be an especially overwhelming decision. 


Fortunately, Lindsey Smith—best-selling and award-winning author and literary agent—is ready to help. A lifelong book lover, she has assisted more than 1,000 people reach their publishing goals. 


After reading this guide, you will:


•    Understand the differences between traditional publishing and author-owned publishing (aka self-publishing).


•    Be able to make a decision on which path is best for you and your book.


•    Feel excited to take the next steps in moving your project forward.


So, whether this is your first (or second) book, this guide will help you choose your path. 

Publishing Your First (or Second) Book: A Field Guide  E-Book by Lindsey Smith

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