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Imposter Syndrome is what happens when girls and women believe what society has to say about them.


Messages like these begin in childhood:

-boys are good at math, girls are better at reading and crafts

-being pretty is more important than being smart

-being different is dangerous

-people prefer girls who are quiet, helpful, thin, etc.

-women should be caregivers

-girls are too emotional to be leaders

-let someone smarter/stronger do that for you


Even if we KNOW intellectually that these messages are not true, they have become internalized and often resurface later in life.


Here's what happens, women tend to:

-stay quiet

-avoid conflict

-avoid attention

-not ask for promotions

-not expect a raise

-put the needs of others first, even at the expense of their own health

-keep their dreams hidden

-feel silly about wanting more

-avoid being different

-stay in unhappy jobs and relationships 

-settle for less


It's time we put these habits to bed now, don't you agree?


In this new book from popular self-help author Beth Caldwell, you're not going to learn about the social studies or science of imposter syndrome. Instead, you'll find six practical strategies to help you overcome the imposter and empower others to do the same.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome by Beth Caldwell

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