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It's time for a shake up in the the way advice is sought and given.


Enough of all the advice that is delivered in soft, soothing tones. Advice that tells you to take a bath and practice mindfulness. And advice that ultimately lets you off the hook because life is hard and you're (probably) doing your best.


Balls to all that.


This is the advice you didn't ask for - and dished out by a snarky Scorpio. Where else can you go to seeksteel-eyed advice on shilling a MLM product, having a threesome and coddling white privilege? Your shaky self doubt and idling indecision is about to be replaced with awesome action taking and Scorpion like resilience.


Stingers up, lovers!

Life Advice From A Snarky Scorpio by Fiona Jefferies (Paperback)

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