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This is a pre-order campaign for a signed copy of Mandy's new book. Books start shipping October 3, 2023.


“Mandy Kubicek is a sheer joy to read.” –Hope Edelman, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Motherless Daughtersand The Aftergrief


A high achiever, Mandy has a loving husband, a home mortgage, and a lucrative career by her late twenties—everything expected of a good Midwestern girl. But when an abusive new boss triggers buried childhood shame, she becomes bedbound by depression.


Decades earlier, her doting mother dropped dead, as her crass father puts it. Her rebellious brother was her only comfort in their emotionally-suppressive blended-family home. Then he abandoned her, too.


Frustrated that she’s not yet over her losses, Mandy tries everything she can think of to save her job, her relationships, and herself: penpalling, online shopping, psychotherapy, running… Then tragedy strikes a second time.


Both heartbreaking and hilarious, I Killed Mom and Other Lies is a candid memoir of Mandy’s journey through grief, old and new. It provides insights into early parent loss while reminding us how to feel joy, no matter what we lose along the way.

I Killed Mom and Other Lies: A Memoir of Early Loss by Mandy Kubicek

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