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Belize is a little slice of paradise in the Caribbean. Britain colonized the country in 1862, known then as British Honduras. The country's name was changed to Belize in 1973 in anticipation of independence-and it gained its independence in 1981. Belize is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the East, Mexico to the North, and Guatemala to the South and West.

This book contains fond memories of my life and times spent with my family and the community of Unitedville Village in the Cayo District-and the country of Belize.


My heritage is white, black, Spanish, and Maya Indian-which is not uncommon for Belize as it is a melting pot of diverse ethnicity and mixed culture.


Go back in time with me as I share a much different way of living life-from food preparation and cooking, immunization, transportation, and education-to growing up in the foothills of a small village in the country's rainforest. For the first seventeen years, I lived in Belize, a peaceful and democratic country blessed with abundant natural resources.


Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world, and the reef is inscribed as a UNESCO heritage site.


Dotted across the small nation are magnificent Maya temples-rivers that meander through the rainforest, emptying several into the Caribbean Sea. The spectacular Belize Blue Hole off the southern coast of Belize beckons scuba divers from around the globe.


I am honored to share these memories and experiences with you.

Growing Up Third World by Cindy Moldovan

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