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It’s not just cats who need to look after their claws; these double sided, 150/180 grit cat-shaped nail files are a handy addition to any make-up bag or purse. Shape, smooth or sharpen your nails to purrrfection, even when you’re on the go! We have three different designs to choose from so you can pick your favourite cat and enjoy a good scratch (for your nails). Compact size emery boards that won’t take up valuable space among your travel essentials. A truly useful beauty accessory to keep at work, in the car or in the bathroom cabinet – don’t get hung up on a hang nail ever again. These cute cat-shaped nail files make excellent gifts for the cat lover who has everything! When it comes to looking good, you can file these cat-shaped emery board away under GORGEOUS.


Weight: 0.02 lb

Cat Nail Files

$6.00 Regular Price
$4.50Sale Price
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