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This Blueberry Cobbler candle smells right out of the oven.   The scent of warm blueberries with hints of butter, vanilla, sugar and crumb topping.  This is comfort food in a jar.  


These Blueberry Cobbler candles were created by Creation Candles.  It is a custom candle business established in Leechburg High School's Art, Marketing, Design and Technology class.  It is a self-sustaining business within the school that is run exclusively by students. The students manage and make decisions on all aspects of the business, from start to finish — marketing, advertising, the entire production process of the candles and labels, and placing them for sale. 


Navy Seamless Metal Candle Tin, colored inside and out

Snug flush-fit candle lid ensures a secure closure

100% soy wax and hand-poured.
Size: 3.5" w x 2" h

5 oz candle

Made In Leechburg, PA

This candle is free of labels

Blueberry Cobbler Candle by Creation Nation Candles

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