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The In-Between is Everything
by Jennifer Lilley Collins

Jennifer Lilley Collins chases sunsets, bakes the best chocolate chip cookies, and believes a cup of hot tea soothes the soul. Jennifer's husband is named Mike, but she calls him Superman. They live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with their two awesome kids, Kalea and Kade, and a Doberman named Moose. In her former life, Jennifer spent a ridiculous amount of hours working on her business. Now, fighting metastatic breast cancer is her full-time job, but she makes time for reading, writing, and hanging out with her amazing friends as well as her oncologist. The In-Between is Everything is Jennifer's debut memoir. More information and her blog can be found at


The In-Between is Everything

Jen was a busy mom and an entrepreneur when she found out she had stage two breast cancer. Rather than a wake-up call, it became one more thing she had to fit into her already packed schedule.


A couple of years later, Jen was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and given a dismal prognosis. Through her faith and resilience, Jen embraces what lies in-between planning and uncertainty, good days and bad days, and ultimately in-between life and death.


The In-Between is Everything is a celebration of resilience in the face of knowing what is to come – the choice to continue to give, and battle the odds through every uncertain day.

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