Tales From Evergreen Hollow by L.S. Albright


Nora is a seemingly normal kid. Her school days are filled with shared lunches, passing notes in class, and planning the weekends with her friends, but Nora has a secret even her friends can’t see. Like all the women in her family before her, she can see and talk to ghosts.


As Nora’s abilities strengthen, she struggles to keep her secret safe and her friendships intact. And when she tragically loses her best friend Kitty in a car accident, Nora is shocked to find Kitty patiently waiting for her at home after the funeral. With her secret finally out, and once Kitty learns to accept her fate, the two friends set out to find a way to lift the anchors keeping Kitty stuck in her ghostly limbo. As Nora learns exactly how to help her friend, she also learns the power of accepting who she is, spirits and all.

Tales From Evergreen Hollow