The 400 Deck Challenge!


Buy a deck, support a press!

We are a small female-led independent press. For the past 4 years, we have been working to bring female-led voices to the forefront of our press. From fiction to nonfiction, we represent a catalogue of writers whose voices have been traditionally marginalized or ignored. Our books showcase fresh, innovative ideas in both the literary world and through products made by women. 

This year, we decided to add card decks to our line.

First up is the Writers Tarot by our editor-in-chief, Amanda Filippelli. Release your writer’s block, shape your characters, and build intricate plots through the wisdom and tools contained in this deck. This 78-card deck includes inspiration cards, tool cards, and genre & concept cards, with an instructional guide that teaches you how to lay spreads that create inspired prompts for your work.

Our press has thrived off of our own personal investments in books because we believe in sharing stories or ideas that might not otherwise get represented.

Because we are reaching new territories with these card decks, we need your help to help meet our distribution needs. 

We need to pre-sell 400 decks to meet our goals in print production.

The Writer’s Tarot is perfect for:

  • The writer friend in your life, especially the one who is always “stuck”

  • That one co-worker who starts every morning with, “So my horoscope today said…”

  • A sibling that has sage and crystals around their house

  • Anyone you know that has ever read or watched Harry Potter 

  • A stocking stuffer for your teen, even though it’s secretly for you

  • Uh, no one in particular, but you just want to support women doing cool stuff

    Will you buy a deck and support our press?