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Nora is a seemingly normal kid. Her school days are filled with shared lunches, passing notes in class, and planning the weekends with her friends, but Nora has a secret even her friends can’t see. Like all the women in her family before her, she can see and talk to ghosts.

As Nora’s abilities strengthen, she struggles to keep her secret safe and her friendships intact. And when she tragically loses her best friend Kitty in a car accident, Nora is shocked to find Kitty patiently waiting for her at home after the funeral. With her secret finally out, and once Kitty learns to accept her fate, the two friends set out to find a way to lift the anchors keeping Kitty stuck in her ghostly limbo. As Nora learns exactly how to help her friend, she also learns the power of accepting who she is, spirits and all.


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Libbie S. Albright is an author from Pittsburgh. After following her passion for cultural history through college, Libbie worked at an art museum, where she taught art and art history and mapped out the world of her novels while wandering the galleries in her spare time.

Libbie’s love for the art of storytelling is a treasured inheritance from her great-grandmother. She would spend countless hours as a child listening to her great-grandmother singing old folk songs which were interwoven with tales that shifted easily between truth and fables.

She is inspired by the bonds of friendship, the lore of old, the whimsy of childhood memories, and the limitless possibility of scientific invention, all mixed with a dash of the esoteric from the depths of human history.

Libbie S. Albright’s debut novel, Tales of Evergreen Hollow, will be available for pre-order in the fall of 2019. She is also currently working on a young adult science fiction novel, The Last Transwalker. To follow her journey to publication and get exclusive content and artwork inspired by her novels, subscribe to her newsletter, The Collective, below.