WIDE AWAKE by Emily Marko

Nearly 1 in 3 people aren’t getting the sleep they deserve! Whether you are stressing about your to-do list, worrying about an upcoming project, spewing off idea in your head, or simply searching for a moment of peace, we have all suffered from a sleepless night.

In Wide Awake: A 7-Day Visual Guide to Calm the Mind & Get the Sleep You Deserve, you will discover what keeps you up at night by taking the sleepless archetype quiz. Once you find out if you are a worrier, an idea maker, a to-doer, or in need of some me moments, you will be guided along a 7-day visual journey to help you get more of those precious zzz’s.

Learn how to stay sound sleep instead of wide awake!

I AM TESSA by Tessa Zimmerman

1 in 2 students in the U.S. experience anxiety or stress-related behaviors. Tessa was one of those students.

I AM TESSA is a blend of short, personal stories along with the tools and coping mechanisms that help young people thrive. Each tool is designed to take the reader on a learning journey about themselves and ultimately help them move through their anxiety to find joy in challenging moments. While not every tool works for every person, this book includes a wide variety to meet the needs of each unique person.

You have a choice in how your story will unfold.