I have never read ANYTHING that has made me feel this SEEN. It’s the sweetest love letter to those who are a rock for everyone else, but are often taken for granted. Dear Strong Black Woman dares to disrupt what we’ve been taught about self-love and self-care. This book is a literary balm, soothing mind, body and spirit. I can’t wait to gift it to all of the Strong Black Women that I know.
— Peachie Wimbush-Polk
A real life depiction of every black woman’s struggle and strength. Each letter captures the essence of a black woman’s heart.
— Ta’lor L. Pinkston, The Heart Advocate

Dear Strong Black Woman,

You are strong.
You are resilient.
You are beautiful.
You are also 100% human.

Dear Strong Black Woman contains 31 letters of nourishment and reflection from one strong black woman to another.


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Jennifer Sterling is a black woman. She is also a Registered Dance/Movement Psychotherapist and the creator of The Bodyful Healing Project, an initiative that offers support and resources to black women living with depression. Having witnessed the adverse effects of oppressive systems on black women in her community and through her own lived experience, Jennifer has made it her mission to help reduce the stigma around mental illness within black communities, as well as educate others on the effects of oppression on black women's bodies.