One Idea Press was born out of two women’s passion for helping others tell their story. Lindsey and Amanda have spent their careers helping others to find their voice and are passionate about bringing people together through storytelling.



Amanda Filippelli

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Amanda started her career as an associate editor for the Oyez Review in Chicago, IL. She has worked internationally and has studied under a number of industry titans, including Stuart Dybek and Melissa Pritchard. An award-winning writer herself, Amanda has done it all from freelance to copyediting to content editing to ghostwriting and book coaching, and as Editor-in-Chief for One Idea Press, she helps authors realize their true voice.


Lindsey Smith

Co-Founder & PR Maven

Lindsey Smith, known as the Food Mood Girl, is a nationally recognized author, health coach, and dynamic speaker. She has written numerous books including Food Guilt No MoreHear Me Roar, and Junk Foods & Junk Moods. Her experience in self-publishing and mainstream publishing alike make her a sought after teacher by new writers looking to publish their first book. At One Idea Press, Lindsey helps authors cultivate their platform through mastering the media, online presence, and more. 

Theresa Baughman

Events & Art Direction

Theresa is an artist, drummer, and researcher from Pittsburgh, PA. She has studied in Chicago, NYC, Rock River WY, and London. Her work is heavily influenced by studies in anthropology where she examines the cultural effects of globalization in relation to identity, economy, and the body. Theresa is also the owner and designer of Fizzpop, a playful pop-culture accessory shop.  Theresa organizes events to help promote authors and grow the literary community, and is responsible for the artistic direction of One Idea Press.